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Sous Vide Gourmet- 69302

Sous Vide Gourmet- 69302

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Rediscover traditional recipes with low temperature cooking with this innovative Sous Vide Gourmet from Lacor, a simple machine with which you can create surprising dishes.

 This culinary technique prioritizes the quality of the food, preserving all its nutritional qualities through exact cooking.

 The secret is that the food is vacuum cooked in its own juice, slowly and at low temperature for a long time, so that optimal cooking points and more tender and juicy textures are achieved, in addition to preserving all its vitamins, thus creating , healthier dishes.

 Its compact design makes it easy to store and transport. And thanks to its touch screen, LED dimmer and easy anchoring, it is a really simple product to use.

 With the Sous Vide Gourmet you can prepare all kinds of meats, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables with really surprising results.


 - Power: 1200 W

 - Speed: 8.5 l / min.

 - Capacity: 15 liters.

 - Temperature range: 20ºC - 90ºC. 

 - Accuracy: 0.5ºC.

 - Measurements: 10 x 10 x 37 cm.

 - Weight: 1 Kg.

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