CulinaryKraft Chef & Kitchen Showroom is a retail and trade supplier for Professional Chef's Knives, Culinary Utensils, Tableware, Cake Decorating & Baking Tools for industrial and domestic use.  We deliver nationwide within the borders of South Africa.

We also supply custom knife kits for Culinary Schools across South Africa.

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    Cutting and Sharpening shapes our world!

    We have been the quality market leader in sharpening steels, knife sharpeners and sharpening tools for many years, and our products are trusted by professionals all over the world.

    As the use of whetstones is also becoming more and more popular, we have expanded our range and now offer two further variants with grit 1,000 and 3,000 as well as grit 3,000 and 5,000 in addition to our existing F. DICK combi whetstone with grit 360 and 1,000.

    The knives can be re-sharpened gently and effectively with whetstones. Thanks to the optimal bond and open-pored structure of the whetstone, fresh abrasive particles are constantly released during sharpening and guarantee a consistently sharp sharpening result. By using different grits, a wide variety of knife edges can be created, depending on preference or even application.

    The areas of application are:

    • Grit 360 - for grinding down uneven surfaces and for pre-grinding
    • Grit 1.000 - for re-sharpening and honing
    • Grit 3.000 - for fine grinding and fine honing
    • Grit 5.000 - for fine honing and polishing

    We thus cover all wishes according to the different requirements and ambitions of knife lovers. Whetstones are not only suitable for chef's knives, but are also used for all other cutting tools such as garden tools and carpentry tools. To maintain the optimal angle of 15° exactly and constantly, each whetstone is equipped with a bracket holder in addition to the non-slip pad. The bracket holder is simply attached to the back of the blade.


    We are setting a new benchmark in knife craftsmanship and cutting culture.

    Unique items are created from the interaction of the unique blade appearance with its hammered finish and the carbon look as well as the handle made of valuable indestructible oak wood.

    The anthracite blade is coloured by means of a special environmentally friendly process. This gives the knives their pure industrial beauty. The hammered finish on the blade underlines its uniqueness and functionality.

    The oak handle symbolises endurance, power and strength. The sharp and clear line of the handle reinforces the knife's aesthetics.

    The hammered technique also creates many small air cushions between the blade and the food being cut.

    For a perfect material structure, DarkNitro knives are forged in a special process and then ice-hardened at temperatures down to -197°.

    Selected wood made from robust oak is used for the handle.

    Oak trees are known for their longevity; a tree can grow over 800 years old. The oak tree is shrouded in legend and steeped in history and is known for being one of the main deciduous trees in Europe.

    The handle, ground by expert craftspeople, makes each piece a unique item with its own colour character and wood grain.

    Each knife is an individual item because of the extraordinary and unique blade and handle surface and no two knives are the same.

    Thanks to the aesthetic, perfectly shaped handle, the knives sit safely and comfortably in the hand.


    The knife is the extension of a chef’s arm.

    The harmony between the blade shape, bolster and handle must therefore be correct.

    The perfect cutting ability, ergonomic handle and bevelled bolster shape make the knives from the DarkNitro series a first-class knife and meet the highest requirements of professional chefs and ambitious amateur cooks.

    The extremely thin, sharp blade makes cutting a "weightless" pleasure.

    Matthias Gfrörer is a chef and restaurateur from Hamburg, and is fully committed to promoting the key topics of sustainability and local cuisine.

    He was one of the first to be enthused by the DarkNitro series. “DarkNitro means pure craftsmanship.

    The knives fit perfectly with my vision of sustainability and natural beauty. Back to the roots, no frills, with plenty of sophistication and attention to detail.

    The interplay between the dark blade and the hammered look immediately reminds me of classic blacksmithing, and I think of the power of fire.

    For me, the DarkNitro knives are simply GREAT.”