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Silicone Scraper - 67414

Silicone Scraper - 67414

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The wiper blades they are indispensable for making bread and very useful for work any dough in pastry; with them will be easier the initial kneading, working with sticky masses; lift them, move them, cut them into parts without tear them, lift small pieces cut with a tile; or MOP and clean the remaining attached to the work surface.

The rounded side of this Silicone squeegee It will facilitate mixing of the ingredients in a bowl inside, while the straight section will allow the kneading on a countertop.

Lacor offers you this scraper made of silicone, a stable and inert, non-stick and flexible material that does not retain food odors and supports strong changes in temperature from freezing to baking; It is a material suitable for use on delicate surfaces, since it will not damage its surface.

9 x 15 cm.

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