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Sapele Wood Gin Block - DFGB100

Sapele Wood Gin Block - DFGB100

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Perfect for slicing lemons or preparing other garnishes or to use for serving your drinks in style!

Dimensions: 30cm x12cm

    About Sapele Wood: 

    Janka Hardness: 1,410 ibf (6,280 N)

    Colour/Appearance:  Heartwood is a golden to dark reddish brown. Colour tends to darken with age. besides the common ribbon pattern seen on quarter boards, Sapele is also known for a wide variety of other figured grain patterns, such as : pommele, quilted, mottled, wavy, beeswing, and fiddle back.

    Grain/Texture: Grain is interlocked, and sometimes wavy. Fine uniform texture and good natural lustre.

    Rot Resistance:  Heartwood is rated as being durable to moderately durable; good resistance to insect attacks.  






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