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Pro Dynamic Slicer Kullenschliff 30cm -85038300

  • R 550.00

Achieve clean and precise cuts with the FrDick ProDynamic Slicer.

Featuring a narrow kullenschliff blade, this 30cm slicer allows you to break down large fish and cut thin, even slices of brisket, ham and other large meats with little effort.

FrDick's ProDynamic Kullenschliff  Slicer features a lightweight design to provide comfort while in use. The quality blade is made of high carbon steel and can hold it’s edge longer than most knives - so no need for constant resharpening! The hollows on the blade keep food from sticking on the blade and help reduce drag, resulting in clean slices of meat every time. This slicing knife will make a great addition to anyone's knife collection, whether if it's for professional, personal or restaurant use. 


Made in Germany

30cm Kullenschliff blade

High Carbon Steel 

NSF approved

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