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Jar Opener 115mm - 211993

Jar Opener 115mm - 211993

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The Tenura silicone rubber jar opener makes opening jars much easier, allowing the user to attain a good, comfortable grip without applying too much pressure, therefore causing far less discomfort to joints. Tenura silicone jar openers help people with impairments to strength of grip, such as arthritis, open jars and containers without too much effort. The comfort and levels of grip achieved by using an aid such as this it removes a potential hurdle from your daily activities.

The Tenura rubber jar opener is non-toxic due to their silicone rubber construction, which means they can be used in kitchens and clinical areas. Tenura silicone jar openers are made from 100% silicone, which makes them non-toxic, heat resistant up to 482 ºF/250°C, dishwasher safe and gives them excellent anti-slip and grip properties.


  • Assists in opening twist top bottles and pill containers of all shapes and sizes
  • Can also be used to provide extra grip and purchase on other items around the home or workplace
  • Useful for people with arthritis or any condition that weakens hand grip
  • Can be used in environments where a high hygiene standard needs to be maintained
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