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Infrared Thermometer with Laser pointer - 62457

Infrared Thermometer with Laser pointer - 62457

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The infrared thermometer with laser pointer and pouch by Lacor is a product that will facilitate control of the temperatures of conservation or food processing to hospitality professionals.

This infrared thermometer quickly and accurately measures the surface temperature of any product. Simply direct the pointer to a food or surface, press the button and immediately the temperature is displayed. 

Ideal for liquids, soups, chocolate, cream, or to check the temperature of kneading and fermentation of different products. 

Caution: Never point the device at a person's eyes.

  • Utilizes advanced infrared technology for non-contact temperature measurements.
  • Compact 10 cm size for portability and easy storage.
  • Capable of measuring a broad range of surface temperatures between -33ºC and 400ºC.
  • Provides nearly instant temperature readings for quick decision-making.
  • Features a clear LCD screen for easy temperature data viewing.
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