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Garlic cutter & press DUO -50 443 19 02

Garlic cutter & press DUO -50 443 19 02

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The DUO combines garlic press and garlic cutter in one tool. A classic garlic press on one side and a sophisticated garlic cutter on the other. On the cutting side, the clove of garlic is pressed through a sharp grid of 3 x 3 mm, so that fine sticks are created. If you cut along the cutting grid with a knife while pressing, you can easily create cubes of any size.

The DUO can be opened completely for cleaning. A cleaning grid removes garlic residues from the stamp and ensures quick cleanliness.
Made of high quality stainless steel and robust plastic, with sharp special blades. Patented technology.


Material: stainless steel 18/8, DIN 1.4310; stainless steel DIN 1.4301; ABS; PP


Length: 19cm
Width: 3.3cm
Height: 4.4cm

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