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Food Dehydrator- 69523

Food Dehydrator- 69523

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A natural and easy way to preserve fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meats, fish etc...with all their nutrients for more time.

Extracts water from foods, preventing spoilage due to microorganisms and preserving them without losing their values.

3D Heating: 360° automatic rotation system, in which the air circulates evenly through it's interior, penetrating through the holes in the trays.

Contains 6 removable trays that can be used with different sized foods, to make yogurt etc. Additional accessories for dehydrating sauces & making biscuits.

  • Tray size: 37cm x29cm
  • 220-240V;50/60 Hz
  • 800W
  • 29°C-73°C
  • 35H (max) Recommended time

Replacement trays available separately* 


Fiberglass sheets with non-stick coating high quality

Ideal for placing on baking trays, oven racks and dehydrators 


Reusable; in order to keep sheets in good condition, we recommend washing by hand.

Non-Dishwasher safe

Note: For optimal results, it is best not to overload each tray and to avoid mixing different kinds of fruit on the same tray.

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