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Fine Slicer Soul, var. woods-841411502

  • R 670.00

The triangle Fine Slicer Soul is infinitely adjustable and cuts aromatic ingredients such as truffles, garlic, onions and horseradish into super thin slices. At a somewhat thicker setting it is also the ideal everyday slicer for cucumbers, zucchini, potato gratin etc. There are no leftovers, because the well thought-out end holder allows cutting to the last slice.

For the sake of the environment, all wood comes from sustainably managed and PEFC-certified German orchards and private forests. The handles are turned in the Sauerland region of Germany, then finely machined in Solingen and assembled with functional parts made of stainless steel. Naturally, eco-electricity is used.

  • As an ideal gift, the “Soul” products come in a stylish and reusable gift box.
  • Made in Solingen / Germany.
  • Also available: The Pizza Cutter Soul
  • Length: 8cm
  • Width: 24.5cm
  • Height: 3.5cm

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