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Butcher's Brine pump/injector -90050-00

Butcher's Brine pump/injector -90050-00

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The F. Dick Brine Pump is perfect for injecting brine and spice solutions into Hams, Bacon or Turkey. Simply put the hose end into the brine solution, draw up and inject. Continuous draw and screened hose end for quick brining.

The F. Dick brine pump is constructed to provide years of regular use. Manufactured of heavy-duty and very durable polymers.

Unit comes with pump body, needle, suction tube, and end of tube brine submersion filter. Everything you need to start pumping cure or marinades is included.

Constructed in Germany

Unscrew needle from storage inside the cylinder. Place needle on end of cylinder and turn clockwise to fix it--it locks in place; it does not screw down.
Use injector only with tube and suction sieve.
Place end of tube with filter into your brine.
Pull handle back and push forward, continuing the motion to start the suction action.
Brine will be moved up the tube into the cylinder and forced through the needle into your product.
Rinse injector with warm water after every use. Rinse suction sieve.

Grease piston and packing ring of injector from time to time with grease or oil authorized for food processing.

Injector can be taken apart to clean or replace parts.

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