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Binchotan Starter Pot 15cm - BSP100

Binchotan Starter Pot 15cm - BSP100

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Perfect for lighting larger amounts or pieces of binchotan easily.

The charcoal starter pot is a very useful tool enabling you to light your binchotan charcoal ready to be transferred to your Hibachi grill.  Place the pot over your gas hob or open flame and allow for the charcoal to be flamed until fully lit then place into your grill.  

Do not overfill the starter pot.

The binchotan will take around 10 minutes before it is fully glowing so be patient. Once fully lit transfer your binchotan charcoal to your grill and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes for the binchotan to fully build the heat and insulate your grill.  


Dimensions:  15cm in diameter

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