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Afromosia Fillet Wood Block - DFAFB100

  • R 1,680.00

Our fillet block is a the perfect board to serve long juicy pieces of meat. It has an extra large groove like the Braai Block, but they are narrower so that you can place the boards down the middle of the table.

Dimensions: 58cm (lenght) x 23.4cm (width) x 3.3cm (height)

    About Afromosia: 

    Janka Hardness: 1,570 lbf (6,980 N)

    Color/Appearance: Heartwood is typically a yellowish brown, occasion will have an either reddish or olive hue. Color tends to darken with age. Narrow sapwood is pale yellow and is clearly differentiated from the heartwood.

    Grain/Texture: Grain is usually straight, though it can also be interlocked. With a fine uniform texture and good natural luster.

    Rot Resistance: Rated as very durable regarding decay resistance, and is also resistant to termites and other insects.





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