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Samura Knife Angle Holder -SAG-1

Samura Knife Angle Holder -SAG-1

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The Samura Knife Angle Holder is an accurate easy to use sharpening assistant that applies the optimum sharpening angle to knifes to ensure a sharp cutting edge.

The tilted design of the plastic form ensures the correct sharpening angle and ensures high cutting quality. Ceramic elements protect the plastic form from wear during the sharpening process.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Put the sharpening angle holder on the spine of the knife start sharpening the knife with a whetstone until you can see an even burr on the opposite side being sharpened.
  2. In order to sharpen a double-bevel knife, flip the knife over and repeat the step 1. 
  3. If the length of the knife blade exceeds that of the holder, slide the holder and repeat step 1 and step 2.

The Samura Knife Angle Holder is used with a whetstone to apply a sharp edge to dull kitchen knives. It is hassle free and safe method of keeping high performance blade edges sharp.

The Samura Knife Angle Holder is designed for kitchen knives with the following parameters: maximum spine thickness - 3mm; minimum blade with - 2cm.

 H 2.13cm x W 1.69cm x L 9.94cm 

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